We love the flavours of Nature and our local traditions.
Our refined, creative menus are always based on seasonal produce,
inspired by typical recipes.

About us

Agri Ristorante Al Braglio, found in the Veneto foothills, on a strip of still-luxuriant plain, is housed in the ancient Villa Chilesotti, built in the Palladian style in the 1700s. The building, in the Villaverla countryside, had become derelict and was abandoned, but a recent refurbishment has recovered historical and architectural features, converting it into a stylish venue serving Vicenza’s traditional rural and fine foods.

Reception rooms are frescoed with mythological themes, and dining rooms have been converted from the old stables and the “tinasara”, the vat cellar where grapes were pressed and fermented to make wine. The welcoming venue offers the ideal setting for celebrating a wedding in any season, and where medium and large-scale banquets can be hosted.

Outside, a large, inviting park is equally perfect for organizing receptions in the open during warmer weather, enjoying balmy summer temperatures and mild evenings.

Open to visitors, the charming old cellars were once used only to make local clinto wine. During World War II, they were occupied by the Germans and used as hangars for aircraft, given the vicinity of Ferrarin airport.

A fusion of history, taste and tradition which translates into refined, mouthwatering dishes.

A menu that we hope will delight you and your guests.

Open all year round.

Origin and meaning of the name

In his Storia del vicariato vicentino di Thiene, Maccà describes the villa as being found “in a place commonly known as the BRAGIO, on the road from Villaverla to Molina…”.
The place name BRAGIO is certainly very old, and is mentioned in a 1478 document with reference to the Vicenza Paiello family who rented out “arable farmland planted with vines and known as Bragio di Torrselle.”


Bragio derives from the Lombard word “braida”, (similar to the German “breit”, namely “wide”), meaning extension, size, a name which originally meant an expanse of flat ground near the town and, later, a walled orchard and vineyard (G.B. Pellegrini, Toponomastica). “Braida” which entered Latin in the Middle Ages, was used for centuries, becoming “braia”, then “bragia” and finally the masculine BRAGLIO, which in old Vicenza dialect means an “enclosed place” (A. Prati, Etimologie venete).
Place names formed from “braida” are documented in Vicenza in the first centuries after 1000 AD, when the agricultural landscape required careful enclosure of the most valuable crops, especially vineyards and orchards.
The name remained in use for centuries, as long as there were the conditions for its survival, related to the importance of the place and the same families continuing to farm here.

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Evento serate spiedo

Serate Spiedo

“Serate Spiedo” are back! You are invited to discover the Venetian Traditions and discover a new way to eat the skewers, because ours is with the pork and rabbit accompanied by good wine and seasonal side dishes! You like to try it ?!

See à “Serate Spiedo” Menu
St. Valentine's Day Event

St. Valentine’s Day

Food and Love are a perfect combination! And what could be better than spending Valentine’s evening in good company, for taste our seasonal dishes with exciting wine?

See à La Carte Menu
Christmas Event


We are pleased to invite you to spend your Christmas lunch full of flavor and dishes that combine tradition and creativity. We propose our menu for lunch on December 25, and We also waiting for you to celebrate the New Year with a Gala Dinner.

See à Christmas Menu
Visitate il menu completo

À la Carte Menu

If you want to organize a day or a special evening and take a look at culinary ideas proposed by our Chef, delight the mind by visiting our &Agrave la Carte Menu. We will be happy to have you our guest!

See à La Carte Menu
Closed for holiday August 2019

Closed for holiday

Let’s take a break from 5 to 22 August. Good summer and see you soon!


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